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Shoulders and Abs Hypertrophy Workout | True Muscle Trainer: 9 Weeks To Elite Fitness

Ready to begin the True Muscle Trainer? Of course you are! You’ll start Phase 1 with an effective hypertrophy workout for shoulders and abs.

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Although the goal for the next nine weeks is to increase your overall fitness, the purpose of phase 1 is to build some muscle using basic, old-school hypertrophy techniques. Meaning, we’re going to be training like bodybuilders in the pursuit of muscle growth. Along with this ultimate goal, phase 1 was programmed to help you get to know some of my favorite techniques and exercises, and learn at which intensity level you should be working.

Phase 1 begins with a shoulders and abs workout that you can see in its entirety in the video below. I take Steve Weatherford through the whole thing so you can see exactly what I want your warm-up to look like, how to perform each exercise, and how to complete the conditioning.

Remember though: Steve Weatherford is a professional athlete, so don’t compare yourself to him or worry about doing as much weight as he does. However, take your attitude and intensity cues from him. He’ll show you how a workout should be done.

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